Gregg A. Young

PCA, Certified Professional Agronomist, Y & B Agriculture, North Coast Region, CA


Working as an Agronomist and Pest Control Advisor for the last 42 years in the north coast of California. Worked with the development of Integrated Pest Management programs in tree fruits and wine grapes, taught agriculture and pesticide safety at Mendocino College, and helps growers convert to sustainable farming practices. Co-founder of Mendocino-Lake CCOF chapter. Has implemented advanced soil fertility programs in pest & disease management for over 37 years. Published 2 books: A Training Manual for Soils and Fertilization in the North Coast of California and Quality First in Vineyard & Orchard Production. Consulting agronomist at Frog Hollow Farms and select wineries in northern California and Apricot Lane Farms in southern California. Presently promoting changes in mainstream fertilization practices for quality - pest & disease resistance in tree fruits & vines at: .

SESSION: Integrated Pest Management: Perspectives, Methods, and Technologies

November 15 | 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Breakout Tent | 2.0 DPR CE (Other), 2.0 CCA