Dr. Surendra K. Dara

Strawberry and Vegetable Crops Advisor and Affiliated IPM Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension


Surendra Dara’s research focus is integrated pest management (IPM) of arthropod pests, but he also conducts research in plant pathology, weed science, irrigation, and nutrient management.  Surendra has extensive experience in microbial control, biological control, and IPM.


Surendra has more than 325 publications to his credit that include 160 extension articles, 10 book chapters, 31 peer-reviewed, and 48 non-peer reviewed articles.  He has also co-edited three strawberry production manuals, and developed YouTube videos and one smartphone app, IPMinfo.


As the current chair of the S1052 national working group on microbial control of arthropods, Surendra also contributes to the promotion of microbial control and sustainable practices in the US.  He is also serving as the chair of the Strawberry Workgroup and a member of the Sustainable Food Systems Strategic Initiative panel at University of California, he contributes to the policies related to IPM and sustainable food production practices. 

SESSION: IPM Research in Strawberries and Vegetables

November 14 | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM | Breakout Tent | 1.5 DPR CE (Other), 1.5 CCA